Galleria Grafica Collection No.19
31 Oct - 19 Nov

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm final day -to 5pm
Closed on Sundays & National holidays

Alechinsky, Pierre  [Untitled]
Beardsley, Aubrey  [Aubrey Beardsley’s Drawings to illustrate the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe]
Delvaux, Paul  [The Tramway]
Delvaux, Paul   [Untitled (or Buste de Femme)]
Dürer, Albrecht  [Lamentation over Christ (plate 12, from The Engraved Passion)]
Dürer, Albrecht  [The Cook and his Wife]
Duvet, Jean  [The Measurement of the Temple from The Apocalypse, Chapter 11]
Gauguin, Paul  [Manao Tupapau]
Hasegawa, Kiyoshi  [Rose et as de cœur]
Hiraga, Key  [The ladies of Place Pigalle]
Klee, Paul  [Demarkation]
Klinger, Max  [Child (from “On Death”, Part I, plate 5)]
Meryon, Charles  [Le Stryge]
Miró, Joan  [Série Ⅲ]
Miró, Joan  [Les Forestiers (gris)]
MZ, Master of  [The Pair of Lovers]
Pechstein, Hermann Max  [Mother and Child]
Picasso, Pablo after  [Pierrot et Harlequin]
Picasso, Pablo  [Quatre femmes nues et tête sculptée]
Poliakoff, Serge  [Composition in brown and orange]
Rembrandt van Rijn  [Self-portrait, drawing at a window]
Rembrandt van Rijn  [Rembrandt in a cap and scarf with the face dark:bust]
Rembrandt van Rijn  [Naked woman bathing her feet at a brook]
Stuck, Franz von  [Sensuality]
Tanguy, Yves  [Untitled]
Zao, Wou-ki  [Composition 341]

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