Galleria Grafica Collection No.15
15 Oct - 2 Nov

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm final day -to 5pm
Closed on Sundays & National holidays

Dali, Salvador Les [Chants de Maldoror(Text by Lautréamont)]
Dufy, Raoul [Eugène Monfort, La Belle-Enfant ou l’Amour à Qurante Ans]
Dürer, Albrecht [The Four Angels Staying the Winds(from The Apocalypse)]
Francis, Sam [Untitled]
Giacometti, Alberto [Nu de Profil]
Haring, Kieth [untitled (For Connie-)]
Haring, Kieth [One Plate from Lucky Strike]
Hasegawa, Kiyoshi [Purification]
Hockney, David [Van Gogh Chair]
Hockney, David [Conversation in the Studio (from The Moving Focus)]
Johns, Jasper [Corpse and Mirror]
Khnopff, Fernand [Une Tête de Face]
Kusama Yayoi [Light of Star Dust]
LeWitt, Sol [Untitled]
Matisse, Henri [Figure lisant]
Matisse, Henri [La Chute d’Icare(from Verve vol. IV, no. 13)]
Matisse, Henri [Le lagon ( from Jazz, plate 18)]
Matisse, Henri [Le Tobogan ( from Jazz, plate 20)]
Music, Anton Zoran [Canal de la Giudecca]
Music, Anton Zoran [Paysage rocheux]
Picasso, Pablo [Les Trois Amies]
Picasso, Pablo [Collation en Musique chez la Célestine]
Picasso, Pablo [Au Cirque (from Saltimbanque, pl. IX)]
Pissarro, Camille [Gardeuse d’Oies]
Rembrandt van Rijn [Portrait of a Boy, in Profile]
Warhol, Andy [Details of Renaissance Paintings ]
Warhol, Andy [Lamentation]