Galleria Grafica Collection No.14
10 Oct - 28 Oct

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm final day -to 5pm
Closed on Sundays & National holidays

Chagall, Marc [Le Cheval s’étant voulu venger du Cerf (from Les Fables de La Fontaine)]
Chillida, Eduardo [Chicago]
Le Corbusier [Totem]
Delaunay, Sonia [Work-from Album Sonia Delaunay, chez Schwarz]
Dufy, Raoul [La Danse]
Dürer, Albrecht [The Betrayal of Christ (from The Engraved Passion)]
Foujita, Tsuguharu [Autoportrait, le Chat sur l’ épaul]
Foujita, Tsuguharu [Chat allongé]
Gauguin, Paul [MAHNA NO VARUA INO (The Day of the Evil Spirit)]
Grass, Günter [Kleiner Aalfang]
Hartung, Hans [La foudre pilote l’univers]
Hasegawa, Kiyoshi [Nature morte à la Boule de Verre]
Kandinsky, Wassily [Erste Radierung für die Editions ‘Cahier D’Art’]
Klee, Paul [Mag kommen I (May come-1)]
Klee, Paul [Meiner kaum mehr mächtig (Hardly in control of myself any more)]
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo [CAFÉ No.2]
Lichtenstein, Roy [Merton of the Movies]
Lichtenstein, Roy [Modern Art Poster]
Magritte, René [Les Deux Mystères (Ceci n’est pas une Pipe)
Matisse, Henri [Figure allongée sur un lit d’acajou]
Matisse, Henri [Catherinette]
Matisse, Henri [The Sculpture of Matisse]
Millet, Jean-François [La Bouillie]
Pablo Picasso [Deux Femmes au bain]
Pablo Picasso [Françoise]
Pablo Picasso [Curly-haired face]
Pablo Picasso [Goat’s Head in Profile]
Pollock, Jackson [untitled]
Stella, Frank [from Series “Multicoloured Squares I” ‘Louisiana Lottery Co.’]
Stella, Frank [from Series “Multicoloured Squares I” ‘Cato Manor’]
Warhol, Andy [Cow]
Warhol, Andy [from:Flowers]