in between 7 in between 3 Air stream 1
In between-surface and bottom 10 In between-surface and bottom 7 The water of the land 9
In between-surface and bottom 1 In between-surface and bottom 4 In between-surface and bottom 6
Swaying Swaying 2 Swaying 3
Swaying 5 Ohgusu 2 mirror 3
undercurrent 3-2 undercurrent 4 undercurrent 6
Depth 1 Gate Sedimentation 2
Biography of Keiko NAKAMURA
1966 Born in Tokyo
1990-1991 Seminarist, Tokyo Zokei University, Japan
1986-1990 BA. Fine Art, Painting, Printmaking, Tokyo Zokei University, Japan
2009- Associate Professor of Tohoku University of Art & Design
[Solo Exhibitions]
2019 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo, '18, '14, '11,' 08, ’06, ’04]
2009 Atelier Rika, Kochi [’05]
2004 Gallery Tonan, Toyama
Gallery Live-Art, Ehime
Gallery 219, Tokyo [’96]
2003 Suzie’s Antique & Gallery, Kanagawa
2000 Shirota Gallery, Tokyo
1999 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
1997 Gallery Poem, Tokyo [’95, ’94, ’93]
1994 Gallery Hiro&Y, Tokyo [’92]
1993 Art Gallery Tapies, Kobe
1991 Gallery 21+yoh, Tokyo
[Grouop Exhibitions]
2023 Annual Show 2023, Galerie Chêne Tokyo, Tokyo
2021 Chêne Artist Show, Galerie Chêne Tokyo, Tokyo
2020 “Φύση Ⅸ- The budding print artists 2020”, Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo/Hitsuji Gallery, Niigata/Kagamiishi Kashima Shrine, Fukushima/Taisyo hall, Fukushima/Yoshino Gallery, Yamagata
2014 International Mokuhanga Conference 2014, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
2013 Print Art Triennale in Kyoto, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
2011 Little Christmas –exhibition of little prints-, Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

"Descending images 2010, Yamagata Museum of Art", Yamagata

  "Current of Beauty The 20th Anniversary Exhibition the Gotoh Memorial Foundation",
Bunkamura The Museum, Tokyo
  "Original binding exhibitions of art people who love book", Gallery Live Art, Ehime
2009 "TUAD mixing! 2009 Keiko NAKAMURA and Emmanuelle MOUREAUX shikiso: A concordance of color", Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata
2008 "Harvest –Works of Takeshi HARA and 161 artists", Towa Gallery, Tokyo
2007 "Battle of Woodblock Prints between East and West –from Buddhism prints to Contemporary", Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo
2006 "Crossflows III", Patriot Gallery, Edinburgh
"KAMOKU", Lab Gallery, N.Y.
"Exhibition of Seven Contemporary Artists", Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2005 "VOCA – The Vision of Contemporary Art 2005", Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2004 "", Bunpodo Gallery, Tokyo
"Print Art – Creative Spirals", Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
"Woodcut Prints in Japan 1904-2004", Ngoya City Museum, Nagoya
2002 "Acts of Renewal, Toshiba Gallery of Japanese Art", Victoria&Albert Museum, London
"Digital Collaborations", Cover Up, London
"Made In Japan", Bankside Gallery, London
2001 "Out of Japan", Brunel University, London
"Contemporary Woodcut Prints from Japan", Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Edinburgh
2000 "I walk 2000", Gallery Live-Art, Ehime
"The 2nd Tama International Print Exhibition", Parthenon Tama, Tokyo
1998 "Japanese Woodcuts for 1200 Years", Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo
1997 "Seven Contemporary Japanese Print –Artists", Snap Gallery, Edmonton, Canada
1994 "Drawing of Each Artists Exhibition", Ginza Kyubido Gallery, Tokyo
1992 "Six Women Six Colours Print Exhibition", Shiseido The Ginza Art Space, Tokyo
1991 "Print Show-Junction '91", Gallery Saoh&Tomos, Tokyo
"Gen Yamaguchi Print Exhibition", Numazu Civic Centre, Shizuoka
1990 "Four Person Exhibition-Print Works", Hachioji Art Centre, Tokyo
"The 26th Kanagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition", Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa
1989 "Two Person Exhibition", Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
2000 The Most Promising Young Talent Scholarship in Fine Arts of Gotoh Memorial Foundation (followed by the scholarship of one year studying in London.)
1991 Gen Yamaguchi Prize, The 59th Exhibition of the Japan Print Association
1989 Purchase Prize Award, Exhibition of University Students Work, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo
2001-02 Visiting Research Fellow, Wimbledon School of Art, London
Selected for the Artists Access to Art Colleges (AA2A) scheme
2000-01 Artist in Residence, Wimbledon School of Art, London, U.K
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo/Numazu City, Shizuoka / Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo / Staatliche Kunstsammlumgen Dresden, Germany